Planning for a team-teaching mathematics lesson

This year, I have been fortunate enough to have a support teacher with me for two morning a week.  

I’m normally an English/Integrated guy before recess, and a Maths guy between recess and lunch, but with this opportunity, I felt it was time to move maths to a morning slot to make better use of the extra hands and knowledge that was on hand.

One thing I wanted to do was ensure that the lines of communication were clear between the two of us – although I’m in charge of planning and implementing my mathematics program, Gus brings a wealth of knowledge and teaching skills that I have been learning from.  I decided to prepare a simple one-page template that outlined all the activities that I felt would be beneficial to the students attaining understanding in the topics we were covering.  During the lessons, Gus and I  take smaller groups, whole class or individual students, depending on needs, and use the planning sheet as a guide – not all activities are done during the sessions, and sometimes they are thrown out the window as the students lead us in new directions – often scaffolding well beyond the original planning.

Having the common document between the two of us means we both know exactly what we are looking to achieve, we both know exactly which outcomes we are focussing on, and it means we are able to effectively add value to students’ individual assessment records as well.

Download Assessment and Planning Cycle for Mathematics

feature image source: PortocalaMecanica @ flickr