Hi, I’m Trevor!

I am a primary-trained Level 3 classroom teacher, presently working for the Education Department of Western Australia and teaching Year 6 students at Goollelal Primary School in Perth.  So far, my teaching journey has taken me from the Pilbara (South Newman Primary School), the Kimberley (Fitzroy Valley District High School) and currently back to Perth, allowing me to experience a wide range of teaching environments and challenges.

I have a passion for information technology, and a passion for using it within the classroom as a tool for students to extend their education.  Apart from being highly motivating, I believe technology within the classroom assists students in developing essential life-long learner skills for today’s 21st century child.

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  DET ID#: 2038154

 Twitter: @tjhinchliffe

 School web: goollelalps.wa.edu.au

 Student web: mrhinchliffe.net

My classroom resembles a hive of IT madness, currently housing nineteen computers (a mixture of iMacs, MacBooks and PCs), two Smartboards, overhead document camera, iPhones, iPads, Turning Point interactive keypads, scanners, graphics tablets, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, … the list goes on.  My rule of thumb is that if a piece of technology helps a student to better understand a concept, or assists a student to take ownership of an idea or learning process, then it has a place in my classroom.

I also have a strong passion for students at educational risk, having worked in some difficult locations in the Kimberley.  One of the roles I conducted out of Fitzroy Crossing was Learning Support Coordinator, offering in-class and planning support for teachers who had students with special needs in their classrooms.  I worked across seven schools in this role: Bayulu RCS, Wangkatjungka RCS, Muludja RCS, Ngalapita RCS, Wananami RCS, Djugerari RCS and my home school, Fitzroy Crossing DHS.  The opportunity to work alongside so many educators in a variety of school settings helped to shape my teaching into what it is today.

The primary purpose of this eFolio is to provide a vehicle for me to document my journey as a teacher, and to reflect on my teaching practices and methodology and find ways to continue growing as an educator.  My reflection and growth are based upon the Education Department’s ideals of an excellent teacher – the Level 3 Teacher Competencies, and the national AITSL Standards.

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