Australian Curriculum Musings

The Australian Curriculum is beginning to be implemented in schools across Australia.  At the start of 2011, I made the decision to dive straight in and begin unpacking the curriculum to use in my classroom with my students.  For the first semester, I used the English, Mathematics, Science outcomes, and fortunately, the History outcomes (as our school’s Schedule A had Time, Continuity and Change from the older WA Outcomes and Standards Framework (WA OSF) as the main focus).

As the year progresses, more and more resources are coming out – both from the various education departments around Australia, and from educational publishing houses – that are directly referencing these outcomes. My first impressions of the Australian Curriculum are that they are easier to understand than the existing WA OSF and K-10 Syllabus, with clearer, specific outcomes, and that the students also are having less trouble understanding the “teacher-speak” in them.  The greatest benefit is that publishing houses and education departments around the country will be able to focus all of their attention and resources into one set of standards, meaning a greater, deeper range of learning experiences that can be shared with students.

In the spirit of sharing, I’ll be posting all of the resources I’ve adapted to meet the Australian Curriculum.  Initially, I did a lot of re-writing of the curricula in order to get my head around it, and experiment with different ways my programming could be mapped out.  My programming and assessment paperwork has been an ongoing evolution for ten years now, and I can’t see myself settling until I find the “perfect” way!


  1. Hi Trevor

    Whilst searching your site a few months back I found Science checklists for each year level based on the AC. Do you still have these available for download?



  2. Hi Virginia,

    I’ve hunted far and wide through my site, and can’t find any reference to Science checklists, however I do remember adding some last year sometime. I may have inadvertently deleted them while updating my site a few months ago.

    I’m not quite sure which ones you were referring to – was it these that I placed up?

    If you want Microsoft Word versions so you can remove references to my school etc, just let me know 🙂


  3. Thank you Trevor, it wasn’t a whole school plan but that document can still work for me. Much appreciated.


  4. Actually, the word version would be great if possible. Thank You.


    1. You can download the DOCX version by clicking here: Goollelal Whole School Science Plan (DOCX, 12Mb)


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