iPad Posters and Resources

The following documents have helped support the use of iPads at our school:

File Downloads Function
iPad Apps to Support Bloom’s Taxonomy
(JPG – 2.2Mb)

(PSD – 11.7Mb)

An A1-sized poster located in our staffroom. We have icons of all apps found on our iPads sorted into the relevant Bloom’s Taxonomies to assist teachers in choosing an app to meet a learning need.
Apps in Use at Goollelal Posters
(PDF – 27Mb)
Posters which highlight some of the apps on the Goollelal iPads. These were some of the first apps we purchased for our devices.
iPad App Evaluation Purchase Request
(DOCX – <1Mb)
This documents assists teachers in evaluating paid apps to ensure they are able to offer students a powerful technological tool.
Apps Found on the Goollelal iPads
(PDF – 1.2Mb)
This is a regularly-updated list of all apps found on the iPads, offering teachers a quick, easy yet detailed list. It is located alongside our Bloom’s Taxonomy poster.

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