Using Evernote for Records and Assessment

Key Points from Video

  • I create a note for each student which contains the outcomes for that learning area and year level (I create this in a word processing program – in my case Pages – as the formatting tools in Evernote are rudimentary. Copying and pasting straight from Pages into Evernote worked for me). I also use the checkbox tool to add checkboxes to each section once in Evernote.
  • Evernote allows me to capture student evidence on the fly using my phone – either from quick typed notes to myself which can be elaborated on later, or via photographing documents or other types of evidence.
  • When I get a spare chance (i.e. after school), I am able to annotate the note on my computer, add any extra information that will help me make judgements about a student’s progress.
  • I use the “Copy Note Link” function, and then paste the link alongside the relevant outcome at the level I feel it demonstrates – which just adds another layer of search.
  • Come reporting time, I am able to make easy, evidenced judgements about my students’ achievements – and have the proof alongside each outcome.

Extra Thoughts

  • I can also add audio and links to video into my notes – a little more difficult to add to Evernote “on the fly”, but very easy to record via my phone. I then add a blank note in Evernote, which reminds me later that I have evidence to add.
  • During parent meetings, I am able to walk parents through their child’s Evernote folder, adding validity and depth to our discussions.
  • Equally, during individual student conferences, I can use Evernote to help students set their learning goals.


  1. Greetings from Dublin. Thanks for this. Interesting stuff. Must take another look at Evernote.


    1. Thanks for visiting Patrick! I’m glad you found it useful 🙂


  2. Wow! That looks fantastic. Can I just clarify that you created the assessment document as a word document and then copy and pasted. All the checkboxes and formatting copied across? I’m just trying to absorb how this all works. With only a couple of weeks before we go back to school looks like I’ve got some organising and creating to do!


    1. Hi Trina,

      I created my document in Pages on the Mac, but I assume it will work just as effectively in Word. Once in Evernote, I then went through the document and added the boxes using Evernote’s built-in checkboxes.


  3. Hi Trevor,

    One question on your nifty achievement summaries….how did you manage to insert check boxes along the one line that you can actually check off?

    I’ve started creating my topic overviews in pages but, this is causing a blocker for me.




    1. Ignore my last question….I just realised you answered that in your previous post!!



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